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For Grades 4-8

Here's the Plot:
A family goes on a camping trip, without the use of video games, cell phones, etc. The teens discover the wonders of the great outdoors and the value of preserving the environment.

Ideal for Elementary Graduation Performances!

The Science Secret addresses the K-8 National Science Standards!           

The Science Secret, a School Musical

Science Glee!

Includes songs that teach:

The Night Sky
The Solar System
Protecting Skin From Sun Damage
The Rock Cycle
Preserving the Environment
The Scientific Method

All songs are parodies of well- known songs.

About Warren Phillips:

  Warren has taught science for 35 years for the Plymouth Public Schools in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He has won many awards including 6 national awards:
    National Teacher's Hall of Fame in 2010
Earthwatch research studying Elephants in 2008
USA Today All-USA Teaching Team in 2006
Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2006

Disney Middle School Teacher Of The Year in 2004
Time / Chevrolet Teacher of the Year in 2002

He's co-authored a new uplifting book about teaching called Today, I Made A Difference and a brain-based book called Science Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites.
Warren currently travels the country doing workshops for teachers. Please contact www.developingmindsinc.com for more information.

Now Available!

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A Note from Warren:

  Thanks for your continuing support!  This musical contains some of the basic concepts that students need to know on the science standards. The play provides a great vehicle for children to sing and learn them.  Youíll be amazed at the results!  I could not have done this without my familyís great support and encouragement. Karen, my wife, has been an invaluable source of support. I would be lost without her! Thanks to my daughter Kristin for her unending enthusiasm and positive attitude. Youíll hear Kristinís vocals in many of the songs on the CD's. Jeff, my son, is always helping me with the technology.  Thanks to my parents for all those years of keyboard lessons and listening to me practice and to my mother-in-law Mildred for her constant help.  Iíd also like to thank Sharon Cumiskey for her continuing support.  Finally, thanks to my students for proving that learning can be fun!  Keep Singiní Science!  

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