Endorsements for Sing-a-Long Science

Here’s what people have to say about Sing-A-Long Science:

"As one of the most powerful of the 20 strategies that take advantage of the way brains learn, music carries signals that activate emotion and enhance long-term memory. That's why Warren Phillips has the right idea when he uses this key instructional strategy to teach crucial science concepts. You can't afford to miss out on his Sing-A-Long Science for increasing academic achievement while having lots of fun!"
Dr. Marcia L. Tate , National Educational Consultant and Author of the Bestseller
"Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites: 20 Instructional Strategies that Engage the Brain"

“…we love the CD, the songs are "stuck" in the minds of every member of our family.
Thank you for a wonderful product and keep up the great work.”  

-Karen D.   Ocean City, MD

  “I love using songs to teach!  Thanks for doing all the hard work  for me!  I currently teach at a science museum and I think these songs will be great for teaching my student volunteers some basic info on topics.  Thanks again!”
-Kelly C   Dayton, OH

“I’ve never heard science ‘til now!  These articulate words and catchy tunes can teach 
even the youngest children science concepts.  My three grandsons regularly serenade 
me with the optics song (only at the top of their voices –thanks, Warren!)
I’ve used these songs at my Science Discovery Camp for years. 
These children have them memorized in two days and sing them like pros by the end of the week!”
-Sharon Jeffery,        National Board Certified Teacher      Plymouth, MA

"I just finished listening to your two CD's as I prepared my salad. They are delightful! I am very excited about your work. The arrangements and selections of music are upbeat and positive. Your science is excellent. I mean your content, words and music fit together well. It is obvious you know what you're doing."
Lynda Jones, Science Songwriter's Association

Letters from former students:
In science class we are learning about atoms and the periodic table. My science teacher is amazed that everyone that was on the red team knows the first thirty elements of the periodic table. He thinks that it's great that we learned that much. Everything that we learned in science in 7th grade is still useful, like all of the songs that you taught us. This year is incredibly easy because of it."   -From  Jen H.

“As a student in your class my attention was never lost due to your unique teaching
style. For example, I was able to memorize the first 30 elements of the Periodic Table by putting them to tune, as you taught us in class.  Today, this song is still very helpful to me on a
day to day basis in my Accelerated Chemistry class. ”  -Sarah A.

Hey Mr. P!
I just want to thank you for teaching us the sing-along-science songs! This year, I took Accelerated Biology as a sophmore
at LS High. Today, I took the SAT II Biology - E and many of your songs (such as Classification, Photosynthesis,
The Scientific Method Song, and DNA) helped me ace many sections of it. Again, thank you for being my teacher and for
your boundless creativity!
-Marina R.

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