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This brain-based full-day workshop is interactive fun that uses teaching strategies.

Encourages Differentiated Learning!

Supported by the new Corwin book Science Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites

This Workshop addresses the K-8 National Science Standards!  
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Using Includes songs that teach:

The Scientific Method
The Night Sky
The Solar System
Protecting Skin From Sun Damage
The Rock Cycle
Preserving the Environment
and MORE!!

All songs are parodies of well- known songs.

Warren currently travels the country doing workshops for teachers. Please contact www.developingmindsinc.com for more information.

About Warren Phillips:

  Warren has taught science for 35 years for the Plymouth Public Schools in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He has won many awards including 6 national awards:
National Teacher's Hall of Fame in 2010
Earthwatch research studying Elephants in 2008
USA Today All-USA Teaching Team in 2006
Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2006
Disney Middle School Teacher Of The Year in 2004
Time / Chevrolet Teacher of the Year in 2002

He's co-authored a new uplifting book about teaching called Today, I Made A Difference and a brain-based book called Science Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites.


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