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Science Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites

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African Elephant presentation:
Come join me on my journey to Kenya to study elephant populations in a fun, interactive lesson, including music, dancing, elephant experiences, and life with Taita & Massaii warriors!

Disruptive Technologies:
What will the future be like? What current technologies will impact our future? What kind of jobs should students be thinking about? My Disruptive technologies assembly will excite and inspire your students!

STEM Science Assemblies:
Using demonstrations and Sing Along Science songs, students will be introduced to science concepts using brain-based teaching strategies. These STEM presentations can be subject specific (Such as Sound, Optics, Atoms, etc)

Here are some evaluations:

“Students were thrilled with the engaging, interactive African elephant presentation that included fascinating video, amazing photographs and audience participation that kept middle schoolers learning on the edge of their seats.” - Mr. Friberg, Winchester Schools

"Mr. Phillips knows how to make learning fun! - S.L. Parent “…we love the CD’s, the songs are "stuck" in the minds of every member of our family. Thank you for a wonderful product and keep up the great work.” -Karen D. Ocean City, MD

“His superb teaching style combined with his passion for the subject matter and exquisite photography provided an engaging and memorable lesson for our 7th grade students." - Carrie Ehrbar, enrichment coordinator

“As a student in your class my attention was never lost due to your unique teaching style. For example, I was able to memorize the first 30 elements of the Periodic Table by putting them to tune, as you taught us in class. Today, this song is still very helpful to me on a day to day basis in my Accelerated Chemistry class.” -Sarah Andrews, former student.

Warren G. Phillips is a Disney and Time Magazine award-winning science teacher inducted into the National Teacher's Hall of Fame
Check out his Sing Along Science songs...they make learning science FUN!

National teachers Hall Of Fame

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