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Years ago, I gave a quiz on the periodic table and was upset to find that most students had failed. Some students could only remember one or two of the elements. I decided that I needed to present and reinforce the elements in a more meaningful way. While commuting from school, I came up with "The Element Song." Students loved the song, and we also made a quilt of the periodic table. I was amazed when I quizzed them, and every student received an A! It was then that I began developing science songs for each of the units that I teach. Students who could not remember facts were now reciting important concepts and "singing science". Students repeatedly have returned to visit me and proudly sing these songs. I have been encouraged by my family and colleagues to produce these CD's. I think you'll find them entertaining and useful!
There are three CD's To choose from...
The Original
Song Titles:
The Sequel
Song Titles:
The Second Sequel
Song Titles:
Song List
1. DNA
2. Amoebas
3. The Element Song
4. Water Wonderland
5. The Fossil Song
6. The Volcano Song
7. Oh, Density!
8. Photosynthesis
9. The Optics Song
10. Twinkle
(Instrumental version)
11. DNA
12. Amoebas
13. The Element Song
14. Water Wonderland
15. The Fossil Song
16. The Volcano Song
17. Oh, Density!
18. Photosynthesis
19. The Optics Song
20. Twinkle
Song List
1. The Scientific Method Song
2. The States of Matter
3. Classification 
4. The Solution to Pollution
5. Bridges 
6. The Glacier Song
7. The Solar System Song 
8. The Rock Cycle
9. Cells
10. The JASON Song
(Instrumental Version ) 
11. The Scientific Method Song
12. The States of Matter
13. Classification 
14. The Solution to Pollution
15. Bridges 
16. The Glacier Song
17. The Solar System Song 
18. The Rock Cycle
19. Cells
20. The JASON Song
Song List
1. The pH Song
2. The Digestion Song
3. S-K-I-N
4. The Rainforest Song
5. The Ozone Song
6. The Respiration Song
7. The Flight Song
8. The Heart Song
9. The Microscope Song
10. The Sound Song
11. Kelp
(Instrumental Version)
12. The pH Song
13. The Digestion Song
14. S-K-I-N
15. The Rainforest Song
16. The Ozone Song
17. Respiration Song
18. The Flight Song
19. The Heart Song
20. The Microscope Song
21. The Sound Song
22. Kelp

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A Note from Warren:

  Thanks for your continuing support!  These songs contain some of the basic concepts that students need to know on the science standards. Encourage your children to sing and learn them.  Then play the instrumental version to see how many of the words they remember. You'll be amazed at the results!  The words to the songs are printed inside the enclosed folder.  I hope that you enjoy the music!! I could not have done this without my family's great support and encouragement. Karen, my wife, has been an invaluable source of support. I would be lost without her! Thanks to my daughter Kristin for her unending enthusiasm and positive attitude. You'll hear Kristin's vocals in many of the songs. Jeff, my son, is always helping me with the technology.  Thanks to my parents for all those years of keyboard lessons and listening to me practice and to my mother-in-law Mildred for her inspiration.  I'd also like to thank a colleague and friend Sharon Cumiskey again for her continuing support.  Finally, thanks to my students for proving that learning can be fun!  Keep Singin' Science!

Sing-A-Long Science:
Sing-A-Long Science, The Sequel:
Sing-A-Long Science, The Second Sequel:
Recorded at the studios of Ed Dillon and Mark Fitzpatrick
All music and vocals performed by Warren Phillips 

Copyright 1999
Recorded at Courtlen Studios
All music performed by Warren Phillips   
Vocals  and illustrations by Kristin Phillips and Warren Phillips 
Copyright 2002
Recorded at Courtlen Studios
All music performed by Warren Phillips   
Vocals: Warren Phillips, Matt Fisher, Sharon Cumiskey and Kristin Phillips
illustrations by Warren Phillips and Matt Fisher 
Copyright 2004

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