The P.C.I.S.Garden Club

The P.C.I.S. Garden Club is made up of Red Team students who are interested in improving the school grounds. The club is in it's sixth year, and each year we have constructed a new garden. Last year, the club received a grant from the National Gardening Association, who donated over 500 bulbs! This was in addition to the over 600 bulbs that were ordered through the science department and the Home-School Association. We can't wait to see the results in spring of 2001! Red Team science classes were also part of an experiment to see the effects of Bay State Organic tm fertilizer and soil moist crystals on the growth of red tulip bulbs. This year, each class planted tall, late flowering tulips, varying the number of soil moist crystals. Below are some pictures of some of the gardening club members in action.

Last year the gardening club was honored to be selected to produce a painting that will be displayed at the National Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C. this spring. Our group members combined their efforts to produce a picture with elements from many students. Only 300 paintings were selected nationwide. One student, Evan Flaherty, was chosen to paint the composite picture using acrylic paints. Check out his masterpiece below:

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