The Red Team

The Red Team is one of four seventh grade teams at P.C.I.S. We happen to think that it's the best. Each team is composed of about 110 students and six teachers. The Red Team is located in Apollo house. Our housemaster is Mrs. Torrey and the house secretary is Mrs. Morse. Our house guidance counselor is Mr. Whitmore. The school telephone number is 1-508-830-4450.

The Red Team is made up of 6 teachers. This year, the teachers on the Red Team are:

Geography - Mrs. Grossman

English - Ms. Dobyna

Math - Mrs. Drinkwater
Reading - Mrs. Rymsha Science - Mr. Phillips Learning Specialist - Mrs. Goodless
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Each team works together to integrate the curriculum into interdisciplinary themes. For example, our Cape Cod trip is used as a tool for learning in each of the subject areas. The team meets to plan future activities and discuss problems. Each team picks a logo and a slogan for the year.

  The Red Team Rules!!

This year's logo was drawn and designed by
Ben Tirlia


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