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Forefather's Monument Walk-a-thon April 26,2006
students raised $1451 to help with the restoration of the Forefather's Monument! No trip to Plymouth is complete without a visit to the National Monument to the Forefathers. Conceived in 1820 with the establishing of the Pilgrim Society, the idea did not solidify until 1850 when the Society resolved to erect it. The finished monument was dedicated on August 1, 1889. It has stood in its present location for more than 100 years.

The monument is colossal in size, a fitting tribute to our forefathers. Solid granite, it stands 81 feet tall from its base to its top. The central figure of Faith is 180 tons and stands 36 feet tall atop a 45-foot pedestal. The circumference of the head at her forehead is nearly 14 feet, and her uplifted finger is over two feet long.



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