Television Productions at the P.C.I.S. Little Theater

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(as best as I can recall).

I am a seventh grade science/technology teacher at Plymouth Community Intermediate School. Our 1400 + student school has the good fortune of including a local cable television production studio within it. As a result, I have been involved in many cable television productions, which are produced and directed by my seventh grade students. The students also are involved in camera work, stage setup, sound, script writing, graphics, and hosts. Different students are selected for each show, so that as many students as possible can be involved.

The interviews are broadcast to the Plymouth and Kingston communities (approx. 10,000 households), can also be shown to the schools classrooms, and will be shown on tape delay to the Adelphia cable communities again. We typically conduct these interviews before a live audience of 110 students, who participate by asking questions during the second half of the show. The first half of the show usually consists of a one-on-one interview with a student host. The format is similar to the "Oprah Winfrey Show". A typical show would last 30-40 minutes on the air, and I like to follow this up with a 15-minute informal "off the air" discussion.

The students are very impressionable at this age, and I feel that it is important to expose them to role models within the community. Most students are also contemplating future careers, and a guest speaker could have a decisive impact on their future.

Over the past fifteen years, more than 300 interview shows have been produced. Also, weekly PCIS News shows are produced as well as Student of the Month and Homework Heroes

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If you call P.C.I.S. at (508)830-4450 , you can request that a show be played on Channel 14, the education channel in Plymouth.

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