Step 4. Test and Experiment


You must keep careful records of all that you do and all that happens during your experiment. This should be in the form of a daily diary called a logbook..



Today I checked my plants at 5:30 P.M. I noticed that Group A seems to be growing faster than groups B, C, and D. Specifically, plant A2 seems to be growing the best. The plants in Group A aren't just taller, but seem to be greener and more healthy. It is interesting to note that the plant with the longest root development is plant C3. I don't know the reason for this. Here is a chart of my results for today:

Plant Height in cm. # of Leaves Root length in cm. Observations
A1 5 4 3.1 Has not grown
A2 5.2 5 3.4 Has a new leaf
A3 5.3 4 3.4 Is tallest in the group
B1 4.9 4 3.1 Has not changed
B2 4.8 4 3.0 Has not shown growth
B3 4.8 5 2.5 Poor root growth
C1 5.0 4 2.3 Poor root growth
C2 4.3 5 3.4 Lowest height
C3 4.5 4 4.2 Longest roots
D1 4.3 4 3.2 Lowest height
D2 4.7 4 2.9 Low root growth
D3 4.4 4 2.0 Least root development

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