Step 1. Define the Problem

  • Select a topic that interests you! Look for a topic in books, magazines, experiment books, museums, newspapers, TV, etc. Try this Internet site:

    Picking a Topic

  • Keep your topic narrow enough so that you can finish it and do a good job on it.

  • Example:

    "Plants" is a poor topic. You will not be able to learn everything about plants. Be specific. Pick a particular plant and choose one variable to test.

    A better topic would be:

     How does the distance from a fluorescent light source affect the growth rate of hydroponically grown ivy plants? How will varying the distance by 5cm in each group affect the growth of the leaves and roots?

  • State the purpose of your project


    The purpose of this experiment is to find the best distance from a fluorescent light for growing ivy cuttings. We have been growing ivy cuttings in water on the windowsill for many years. Now, I would like to try to grow them under our new fluorescent light. My mother will be able to use my results to grow ivy cuttings for her friends.


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