Science Fair Project

_________ Points

This project involves the use of the scientific method in order to solve a problem. In solving the problem, you will conduct an experiment and record the results.  
Here is a list of the due dates for each part:

_________________ Topic picked and OK'd by teacher.

_________________ Diary and experiment begin (Daily logbook).

_________________ Lab report is due (include a diagram).

_________________ First draft of research is due (5 pages, 3 sources)

_________________ Diary ends. Begin making graphs and finishing report.

_________________ Written report is due (including graphs).

_________________ Science Fair display (posters, etc.) due.

_________________ Science Fair.

Requirements: This project should include:

  • A good cover
  • A table of contents
  • A bibliography (At least 3 sources...see packet for more information)
  • At least 3 graphs
  • Written pages (including research, lab report, and diary)
  • Pictures, diagrams, photos, video or audiotapes, maps, power point presentations, etc. are optional.



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