The Seventh Grade Olympics

The seventh grade olympics is a highlight of Plymouth students' school experiences. The six teams of seventh graders compete in a wide variety of events. The total team score wins for each event. The event scores are totaled to determine which team has won. The opening ceremony is very impressive and is something you won't want to miss! This year marks the 28th anniversary of the first P.C.I.S. Olympics!

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Here's the opening ceremony schedule....

Olympic Schedule

Dear Parents:

You are invited to attend this years Olympic opening ceremonies to be held in the P.C.I.S. gymnasium. This is an exciting and impressive event that your child will never forget! Please arrive by 8:30 A.M. to get a good seat and to view the entire ceremony. You are also welcome to stay and watch the games!

Time Activity

8:30-8:45 March into gymnasium

(Team competition and P.C.I.S. Band music)

8:45-8:50 Greetings and call to order

(Mr. Collins)

8:50-8:55 The Star Spangled Banner

(P.C.I.S. Band)

8:55-9:00 The Meaning of the P.C.I.S. Olympics

(8th Grade Student Council Representatives)

9:00-9:05 Band Performance

(Olympic Spirit)

9:05-9:25 Team Cheers


9:25-9:30 7th Grade Chorus & Band Performance


9:30-9:35 Band Performance

(Olympic Selection)

9:35-9:40 Exit and line up for torch lighting

(Band: Olympic Fanfare)

9:40-9:45 Torch Lighting

10:00 Games begin


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