Step 3. Hypothesis

Include other guesses such as height, color, condition, size, time, etc.

Now that you have read about your topic, you should be able to ask yourself specific questions about it. You should be able to answer the questions with intelligent guesses or hypotheses.


I believe that the ivy plants closest to the fluorescent light will grow best. Fluorescent lights are often used in indoor gardening and do not emit harmful quantities of light. Based on my research, I think this group will grow 6 cm. taller during the experiment. Also, because these ivy plants get more light, their root systems will also grow best. The following is a chart of my predicted results for each group:

 Hypothesis - Ivy Group A averages

Date Height in cm. # of leaves Avg. root length in cm. Expected Observations
1/1/99 4 5 0 Initial sizes.
1/8/99 4.5 5 0 Leaves will grow before roots start.
1/15/99 5 5 1 Roots will begin to grow.
1/22/99 6 6 1 More leaves will follow.
1/29/99 7.5 6 2.5 Leaves and roots will grow faster.
2/5/99 8 7 3 All parts will grow fast.
2/12/99 9 7 4.5 Roots will grow very fast.
2/19/99 10 8 6 Plant is very healthy, ready to transplant.
Totals 6 8 6  

(You could also graph this hypothesis data)
Notice that this is just the chart for group A. You would also need hypothesis charts for groups B, C and D


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