(Helping Others While Learning)
"Reaching for the Stars, Helping others along the way"

1. Assignments will be project-based and will be graded based upon how well they meet the goals of the HOWL program. Rubrics will be given for projects and students will do a self-evaluation along with the teacher’s evaluation. Finished products should be presentable and should include:

A full heading with your...

  • Name
  • Class color/ HOWL logo
  • Date
  • Assignment
  • Full Sentences, correct spelling, good grammar.
  • Margins (if applicable)
  • Neatly done
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Silver & Gold HOWL

Purple HOWL


Now is the time to work on your grades !

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Many files are now saved in the Portable Document Format (PDF), which was developed by Adobe for transferring electronic (digital or computer) forms. Adobe also has freeware that will allow you to read these forms. It is called Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe's PDF reading software. You can download Acrobat reader here or click on the logo Click here to download Adobe Reader

The number of points that you can accumulate will determine grades. At the end of the term, you will "cash in" those points for your grade. Students can keep track of their own grades!!


  • Projects will usually count for 100 points or more (a rubric will be provided.)
  • Quizzes may count 10 or more points (some surprise quizzes are given!)
  • Homework usually counts 10 or 20 points.
  • Late homework may be passed in the next day for partial credit.
  • Open notebook quizzes will be given.
  • Individual and group projects will be assigned. You will not be punished if a group member does not do their work!
  • Good class participation and attitude will help your grade.
  • It is your responsibility to ask for make up work!



Points you earned

Points it was worth


Homework paper 8/10 8 10 80% or B-
Quiz 18/20 18 20 90% or A-
Project 84/100 84 100 84% or B
Totals 110/130 110 130 84.6% or B


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