5th & 6th Grade
Group Project:
Flight Exploration



All students will be required to complete the following activity implementing the steps of the scientific method. They may then select any one activity from the list below. Two resources must support all activities. Bibliographies must be included.



  • Experiment with paper airplanes making modifications in order to create a model that will fly the farthest and one that will stay in flight the longest. Keep track of the designs you use and modifications that were made in order to increase the distance the airplane flies and the length of time the airplane stays in flight, All investigations must be completed according to the steps of the scientific method, all data must be recorded, and a daily log sheet must be included. (See separate sheets for procedure to follow and project requirements).


    Select one of the following and describe the method or process that enables it to fly: hot air balloon, airplane, space shuttle, or parachute.

    Design a space shuttle. This does not necessarily have to fly, but you should identify some of the vital components and explain their functions.

    Compare and contrast the anatomy of a bird with the mechanical structure of an airplane.

    Write an explanation of aerodynamics.

    Create a display of things related to the world of aviation or airplanes.

    Create a game of Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, or Pictionary based on terms and concepts related to your study of airplanes and aviation.

    Find out about an air disaster such as that of the Hindenburg or the Challenger.

    Find information about a famous aviator such as Amelia Earhart or any other person involved in aviation or space exploration. Investigate the training that is involved.

    Find out about sonic booms and sound barriers.

    Find out about an interesting vocation associated with airplanes such as fire fighting or hurricane scouting.

    Report on a present situation employing the services of such a professional and investigate the training involved.

    Trace human’s flight history, include an explanation of how things have changed through the years.

    Find out about flight regulations governing airplanes.



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