Make Your Display

Here's how to make a great display:


  • Make the backboard from any sturdy material. Remember that it should stand by itself on the table. Plywood, pressed board such as masonite, heavy cardboard or foamboard would be a good choice. Assemble the material into 3 sections with hinges or strong tape.

  •         Color

    Before you go any further, decide what colors you will use. If your background needs painting, enamel paints works best. Choose contrasting colors for lettering. If you are in doubt about your color combination, get another opinion.


    Your title should be cut out of construction paper and attached (taped or glued) to the background. The use of large stencils or a computer will make the letters more attractive. Posters can be lettered by hand, but first do them in pencil and later re-trace them in marker. Stick-on letters can also be used.


    Drawings and sketches should always be done in pencil first and then re-traced. Large, poster size drawings can be enlarged using an overhead or opaque projector at school.


    Good photography can be enlarged at a photo dealer so that you can show how you set up your experiment. Every project does not need photos, but if you have a camera, you might consider recording your progress. Always label your photos!


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