Acceptable Use Policy

All technology resources and facilities of P.C.I.S. should be used solely for legitimate and authorized curriculum, instructional, research, and public service purposes. To view some safety lessons concerning the Internet, Click Here.

P.C.I.S. is part of the Plymouth Public Schools, which has developed a system-wide Acceptable Use Policy. Click here to view the entire document.


Below is a summary of some of the most important points:

1. No person shall use technology for illegal activity, including, but not limited to, copyright violation.

2. No person shall alter, repair, or modify hardware and/or software or otherwise degrade or disrupt equipment performance.

3. Only authorized persons shall load or download any programs.

4. No person shall invade confidentiality of another's electronic files, or otherwise gain unauthorized access to resources.

5. No person shall use profanity or inflammatory language or in any way defame another.

6. No person shall wastefully use finite resources, such as paper, ink, or discs.

7. No person shall vandalize another's files or data.

8. No person shall use the account of another, or their password.

9. No person shall post anonymous or personal communications without the consent of the school or its representative.

10. No person shall use, create, or download any images or text that are pornographic or defamatory in any way.

Any person who deliberately or continually violates these policies (and any others from the entire A.U.P.) will have his/her privilege denied and such misuse may result in disciplinary and/or legal action. Please print out and sign section 10.0 of the Student Network Access Agreement after reading the entire A.U.P.

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