Assembling Your Project

Now, put your project together as follows:


A good cover that shows effort. Don't forget a full heading!

Table of Contents

Pages numbered and in the correct order. Use the order given here!

Lab Report

Your lab report that ís already completed. Make sure you've made corrections and included a good diagram with labels.


Re-copied with corrections. Don't forget pictures!


Your predictions (numbers) for each group each week and reasons why.


Metric measurements for each day with comments. Make sure itís neat!

Check Hypothesis

Compare you actual (metric) numbers to your predicted numbers. Also give reasons why.


At least 3 graphs. They will be graded on accuracy, neatness, and presentation. Use graph paper for any handmade graphs. Every graph needs a chart with the numbers that you used for that graph.

Analysis of Graphs

Explain each of your graphs and prove your point. Use sentences like "I did this because...", "You can see that...", "Notice that...", "Compare...", and "This proves that..."


At least 3 sources. Include author, book name, publisher, copyright date, and volume. Include the URL and the date of any Internet sources.

Acknowledgements (optional)

Thanks to....or any comments about your project


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