Oh, The Lives You'll Change!
A Teacher's Story
"Oh, The Lives You'll Change is a new must-give book for all future and beginning teachers, authored by award-winning career science teacher Warren G. Phillips.  With the rhyming, illustrations, and inspirational guidance similar to Dr. Seuss, Phillips' guidebook to teaching has it all: teaching techniques, building relationships, and emphasizing why teaching is the most important profession. His former students also share their memories of why his classroom was a special place, even decades later.  If teachers ever question the power of their profession, hand them this book.   Oh, The Lives You'll  Change should soon be on every teacher's desk for daily affirmation and inspiration in these challenging times!!"

- Carol Strickland, The National Teachers Hall of Fame Executive Director
Cover of Oh, The Lives You'll Change! "I just read your book and LOVED it! :) What a fun idea; I love the Dr. Seuss style (the artwork is really great!) and the many important messages you are getting across to these future educators...it's a quick and positive reminder for them to always keep passionate about the reason they went into teaching in the first place...the students. I particularly enjoyed your former students' stories at the end. Those personal testimonials will definitely make an impact; it's so important for new teachers to realize that even the smallest things like sharing personal stories, creating a song to remember the periodic table, incorporating service learning in the classroom, and even telling bad jokes (LOL) can make an impact on their students."

- Tina Raeke, M.Ed. Interim Director, Pre-K-12 Education Outreach

This teaching guide, in the form of a Dr. Seuss parody, inspires educators with creative strategies and teaching essentials. It provides examples of how educators affect the next generation with quotes from students’ personal experiences. National Hall Of Fame teacher Warren G. Phillips with 40 years of classroom experience writes the soft touch laminated book.


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A sample page from "Oh, the Lives You'll Change!" by Warren G. Phillips "I had a chance to read your book – it is so inspiring and encouraging for young students to read, particularly the students who are studying education.  In such an uncertain world these days, education students in particular need to be uplifted when it comes to the teaching profession and this book is a great instrument for just that!" 

-Mary Price, M.Ed Massachusetts Department of Higher Education 
A sample page from "Oh, The Lives You'll Change" by Warren G. Phillips

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