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HOWL stand for Helping Others While Learning. It is a program composed of ARL (Advanced Readiness Learning) students. The students come from seventh grade teams at P.C.I.S. (Plymouth Community Intermediate School) and P.S.M.S. (Plymouth South Middle School). We engage in service learning projects that help our school, community, and the world. We happen to think that it's the best program of its kind! Each class is composed of about 10 students. Each student works together with the HOWL team to produce interdisciplinary curriculum that will improve classroom instruction. For example, our students produce time lines, PowerPoints, lessons, videos, etc. requested by teachers for use in their classrooms. Also, we engage in community service projects and TV Productions that are shown to the community.You can learn more about HOWL by clicking on the documents below:
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web lessons
The Heifer Project We set up a recycling program for our schools! See our service learning
Learn about our
See the article about our Thank-A-Teacher-Thon! Public Service Announcements
HOWL logo for 2008 This year's HOWL logo - designed by Grace VanBuskirk
Logo was drawn and designed by
Christina Venturelli
Logo was drawn and
designed by
Alex Rozak
Logo was drawn and
designed by
Sam Ciaranca
Drawn and designed by Grace VanBuskirk
Logo was drawn and designed by Jake Crociati and Ben Pieroni!

Congratulations to HOWL students for winning the Environmental Eagles Award For their recycling efforts from
The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs and Department of Environmental Protection in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010!

HOWL Accomplishments 2005-2006
HOWL Accomplishments 2006-2007
HOWL Accomplishments 2007-2008
HOWL Accomplishments 2008-2009

HOWL Accomplishments 2009-2010
Award-Winning Invention Convention Projects

What is Service Learning?

Our Challenge:
How Can We Learn From Each Other's Strengths and Work Collaboratively To Improve the Environment
in the School, The Community, and The World?

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